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"On Average Our Barbershop & Mercantile Retailers Sell Through Within 90 Days"

Our Wholesale Program

Honor Initiative wholesalers make up a community of barbers and mercantile shop owners across North America and Europe, who specialize in providing their customers with the best men's grooming experience.

Money Back Guarantee

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wholesale program

Why Honor Initiative?

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Boost Your Shop’s Supplementary Revenue

Grooming Insurance

You read that right. With Honor Initiative you can ensure your clients leave your barbershop razor burn free.

Affordable Pricing

At Honor Initiative we know your clients and customers are looking for affordable, effective products. Our price points will sell through fast, increasing your profits.

Increase Profits

Sell more products on a regular basis to increase revenue. Some individually owned barbershops and mercantile shops sell more than $4,000 worth of Honor Initiative per year.

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