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Nestled in the heart of downtown Boston, amidst the eerie quiet of the COVID-19 lockdowns, a small apartment in the Seaport district became the cradle of an extraordinary venture. This was where Chad and Holly, united by their shared experiences and dreams, discovered an opportunity amidst the chaos. The world had come to a standstill, but within the walls of their home, a transformative idea was taking root.

Chad, with his expertise in aerospace and real estate, and Holly, a nurturing preschool teacher, were no strangers to life's challenges. But the pandemic brought a unique blend of uncertainty and isolation. It was during this time that Chad's lockdown beard became more than a mere symbol of the times; it sparked a concept that resonated with their deepest convictions.

Both Chad and Holly had witnessed the impacts of mental health struggles within their families. These experiences had etched a profound understanding of the importance of emotional wellness. A past conversation about monetizing Chad’s real estate podcast, once a casual lunchtime discussion, now evolved into a vision for something greater—a brand dedicated to championing men's mental health.

Thus, Honor Initiative was born. Their flagship product, beard butter, was crafted with care in their apartment. What was once a living space transformed into a production hub, a testament to their adaptability and determination. Every inch of their home spoke of their creativity and relentless pursuit of a dream.

Their mission was ambitious yet clear: to use their grooming products as a means to support men's mental health initiatives. Their foundational values—passion, operational excellence, integrity, effective communication, and extraordinary customer service—were more than business principles; they were a reflection of their commitment to making a real impact.

Honor Initiative quickly distinguished itself in the grooming industry. Beyond the high quality of their products, their commitment to using only clean, simple ingredients, and eco-friendly practices set them apart. Their unique Impact ID® technology offered customers a window into the direct impact of their support, creating a bond of trust and transparency.

However, growth brought new challenges. The confines of their Boston apartment became increasingly evident as they struggled to meet the growing demand. This led to a pivotal decision in December 2021: the relocation of Honor Initiative to Texas. The move was a leap of faith, but Texas greeted them with open arms. The community's values aligned remarkably well with the mission and ethos of Honor Initiative, providing a nurturing environment for rapid company growth.

In Texas, the brand found new vigor. The expansive community support and shared values acted as tailwinds, propelling Honor Initiative forward. Their target audience expanded, connecting with hard-working men who not only cared about their appearance but also resonated with the brand’s purpose-driven narrative.

Customer feedback reflected this deep connection. One customer’s words captured the essence of their impact: “You have a customer for life with me. Your products and brand are what I’ve been looking for, for years now.”

Today, as the world gradually emerges from the shadows of the pandemic, Chad and Holly’s journey with Honor Initiative continues to unfold. Their vision extends beyond just being a brand; they aspire to cultivate a community where care, wellness, and quality grooming intersect with meaningful conversations around men's mental health.

From a small apartment in Boston to the welcoming community of Texas, Chad and Holly’s story with Honor Initiative stands as a powerful testament to the power of resilience, empathy, and the belief that a small idea, nurtured with purpose and passion, can make a profound difference in the world.


Chad Duval | Founder

Probably looking at real estate deals.

Holly Duval | Co-Founder

Probably cozied up with a good book.

Debbie Jones | Finance Manager

Probably working on her new financial-based cookbook.

Marisa Downs | Director, Brand Communications

Probably making sarcastic jokes at inappropriate times.

Ken Adams | Customer Support Manager

Probably practicing his voice actor skills.

Emily Sullivan | Wholesale Manager

Probably working on her latest batch of homemade soap.

The founders, chad and holly


Emerging from challenges, we are the champions of resilience, creativity, and men's welfare globally. Our mission is to develop exceptional grooming products and cultivate a robust community of enthusiasts through our retail partners, blog and social interactions. Our vision is not limited to just products and community though; we fervently support men's mental health, committing a part of our revenue to this crucial cause. We're not merely a company, but a movement, touching lives one beard, conversation, and contribution at a time.


We invite you to join the Honor Initiative community, a platform where individuals can learn, share, and grow together. Participate in our dynamic forums, read and contribute to our informative blog, and follow our journey on Instagram @honorinitiative. Become part of a supportive network of beard enthusiasts and mental health advocates. By joining our movement, you're not just signing up for superior grooming solutions, you're choosing to be part of a dialogue that matters - about grooming, self-care, and mental well-being. Let's connect, converse, and contribute to a more robust and inclusive understanding of men's health. So why wait? Join the Honor Initiative today - because together, we can shape a happier, healthier, and fuzzier world!

Handcrafted in Texas

Committed to exclusively procuring ingredients and producing our products within the United States.


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Make A Difference

By carrying and using our products, 5% of the proceeds contribute to men's mental health initiatives, trackable via our 'Impact ID®' system.



Best Beard Oil I've Found! I'm a fan of the "Heavyweight" beard oil. This is the best beard oil I've tried, and I've tried many oils. I've been using the Hatchet blend, my family likes the smell and my wife loves it (that's the most important 😉). Nice smell that last for hours but not too strong. I would highly recommend for long beards such as mine. - thanks for the great product!


Steve S.
Pacific, MO

Vanilla Sky Is Fantastic! This company is great from top to bottom. From the customer service to the scent itself! Absolutely love everything about Honor! Keep up the great work!


Jonathan M.
Lynnfield, MA