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SLOW BURN | Cherry, Tobacco & Bayleaf

This gentleman takes a lady to dinner before retiring to the parlor for poker and cigars with the fellas. Much like any great night out, this scent starts off strong, loud, and delicious (okay, maybe not EVERY night but the good ones). The woman in the red dress appears at the top of the stairs, everybody knows her, and she is an absolute (cherry) bombshell...and she is the star of the show. By combining the bold scent of black cherry with notes of tobacco and just a hint of bayleaf, we've recreated a 1960s after party that everyone is invited to. The subtle tobacco mixed with the bayleaf draped in a cherry merlot creates a unique aroma that is not easily forgotten and is absolutely divine. It's a classy twist on a late night bonfire with the guys...and maybe a lucky lady.

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